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Architectural Landmark

A new arrival among the world's leading contemporary cultural institutions, Bordeaux's Cite des civilisations du vin will open its doors to the public in 2016. Unique, innovative and dynamic, this new landmark will take visitors on a journey through time and space as they explore the cultures and civilisations which are intimately associated with wine.

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Pest Control

Climate change it is fair to say is probably close to, or at the very top of everyone's list as one of, if not the most alarming and hazardous threats to the current sustainability and welfare of vineyards throughout the world today. One other major factor affecting the growth cycle is the continued damage that is being caused by the common everyday hungry pest. Pests can be like vultures in some cases and this is causing real concern for vineyard owners everywhere. Pests have a considerable detrimental effect on viticulture throughout many parts of the world. The impact these pests or bugs have can be felt all the way down the consumer chain. From the vineyard owner and supplier at the top, to the wine merchant, wine dealers, wholesalers, distributors, educators, and consumers. Everyone can be affected.

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Finger Lakes Disaster

Experts in the Finger Lakes region of New York State are still assessing the damage of this past winter's brutal freeze but it appears things are not as bad as some thought they would be. Still, severe damage inflicted by Mother Nature on some vineyards may take months, even years to recover.

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Research to Improve Grape Yields and Quality

The wine and grape industry may be well-advised to take lessons from the growers of other crops when it comes to moving forward to achieve the long-term goals of sustainability and improvements in grape yields and quality. According to Dr. Nick Dokoozlian, VP of research for E& J Gallo Winery based in Modesto, "Wine grape growers will be challenged to increase production in the future while utilizing the same or less land area, water and labor."

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In Wine and Financing, Variety is the Key

Wine is one of the ways that we mark life's milestones. There's a variety for every occasion, every season and every taste. It's not that different in financing. The kinds of credit that vineyard and winery owners want will vary over the lifetime of the business, and even over the course of the year.

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Sharing Less Profits With Your "Partners"; IRS and Others

There is a well-worn saying around Napa and Sonoma County, California, "if you want to make a small fortune in the wine business start with a large one and start a winery". With California vineyards in popular appellations selling anywhere from $60,000 to $300,000 a planted acre it is hard to project profitability when such a large capital investment needs to be recovered. Recently, one Sonoma County based vineyard broker predicted that by 2050 someone will pay $1.million for a vineyard acre in Napa! While we know there are "lifestyle buyers" that will never get a return on their investment, for the rest of us who struggle, beg, borrow and dream about our business and the capital it consumes, losing money is not an option. Grape growers, winemakers and banks want to get paid on time in cash.

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Winery Media Relations

"Originality is how we separate ourselves, including you, from the pack". Who said that? I said that. I meant it as it pertains to the good folks that write about wine. But, of course, if you - Mr. & Ms. Winery Owner - are fortunate to have an original, unique story published about you, you're almost guaranteed to separate yourself from the morass of wine brands that seem to pop up every day of the week. So, for our purposes here, let us concentrate on the (wine) media: those members of the so-called fourth-estate, be they traditional print writers (magazines and newspapers), new media involved with posting their work on the Internet, or members of the electronic media (radio & TV).

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Alcohol Testing

This science of testing alcohol has been around for decades it is still widely used by small and large wineries alike. Based on the boiling point of water, calibrated against atmospheric pressure, this test is an excellent tool for most dry wines. If attempting to test wine with residual sugar be sure to understand this test has its limits. Other more expensive testing units do exist but typically at a much larger price.

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The Biodynamic WINE: The Dynamic Duo: Hemp and Natural Predation

All things old are new again to create magic in the vineyard. It's the age of bio-dynamics, not to be confused with comic book lore of the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin. Let's face it, not everyone can pull off the cape and leotards look and make it look stunning and fashionable!

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Domaine LeSeurre Winery: Old World Meets New World in the Finger Lakes

With France as the consummate wine region in the "Old World" and New York's Finger Lakes as a rising star in the "New World," the best of both are coming together at Domaine LeSeurre on the shores of Lake Keuka

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Custom Made

Ten years ago, after successfully growing and cultivating some Cabernet and Merlot varieties from his own ranch in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley, John Wilkinson started investigating the idea of expanding his label and branching out into the world of custom crush production.

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A Unique Bottle Design Can Be Protected

According to the Wine Market Council, fifty seven percent of all wine consumed on site is by women. Over half of the wine consumption in the U.S. is by women. According to an article by Marti Barletta posted at www.adage.com, "Marketing Wines To Women," February 7, 2006, women shop for wine with the final experience in mind. Perhaps armed with that knowledge, Lushious LLC of Yorktown Heights, New York applied for a design patent on a wine bottle shaped somewhat like a women's leg in a high heel shoe. And the U.S. Patent Office issued Patent No. D703,543 on April 29, 2014 on the design.

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