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In 2001, St. Helena Wine Company dba Duckhorn Vineyards of California and Duck Walk Vineyards, Inc. of New York each accused the other of trademark infringement. Duck Walk filed a federal lawsuit in New York in essence saying: "Duck Walk is too close to Duckhorn. Tell Duckhorn to change its name."

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Building an Ideal Wine Environment

When it came time to revamp the aging wine cellar in his Paso Robles winery, Gary Eberle decided to dig. "After talking to people who had dug caves, the decision was simple," Eberle noted. "There is no better way to age wine barrels than to get down deep enough where the temperature is constant and the humidity is nice.

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Blended Breakthroughs & Tannin Trends

Over the past decade the artful creations produced by the blending of grape varieties have made critics and wine lovers stand up and take notice. There is a greater interest in blends and a willingness to experiment beyond more traditional varietals. As well, blends are being held in much higher regard than their haphazardly blended, frugal cousins of years gone by.

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Cold Stabilization

During the winemaking process and before bottling, there may be instability with a juice or wine termed Tartrate Stability or Tartrate Instability. Unknowing customers often view these crystals as a fault and are therefore unsure of whether or not to consume the wine.

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When Winter ATTACKS!

The last time you saw a science fiction film, it was most likely about some strange alien life form trapped in Arctic ice. Insert sci-fi music here as the creature begins to thaw and is now ready to destroy the earth. The film "The Thing" is a good example of a science fiction flick with a high "cheese" and high "freeze” factor.

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Spring Season Disease Testing: What to look for in the Vineyard

At a time when growers are busy with new plantings, completing pruning, and top working activities is a good time to test for the presence of diseases in the vineyard. We hope this article will help you focus on testing that will avoid the establishment and spread of diseases.

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The Golden State Harvest, Excavation & Digging Down

Just as California was comfortably leading the way for the U.S. throughout most of last year in global wine production. At the start of 2014 they are recoiling in shock at the extreme level of this year's drought. Vineyard owners have begun digging down in an effort to try and manage and salvage what is left of an already badly damaged crop cycle.

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2013 Harvest & 2014 Forecast

Here at The Grapevine Magazine we wanted to get a sense of what worked or didn’t work in the vineyard in 2013 and what, if anything, should be changed moving forward through the planting and harvesting of grapes in 2014 to make the best wine possible.

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Tom Eddy: A Passion for Wine

Tom Eddy, legendary Napa Valley winemaker, developed his passion for wine in the late 1960s when his family moved to Davis, Calif., home of the iconic University of California at Davis. As a high school student, he began his life-long pursuit of this passion, visiting vineyards, delving into books on oenology at the library, and even fermenting apples at home.

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