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Your Financial Marketing Strategy

Happy harvest to all grape growers around the country! This is such an exciting time for the wine and grape industry. The grapes are ready to come off of the vines and start their own wine vintage. Every year is different than the last and it is exciting to see the wheels of the minds of winemakers start to turn. It marks the end of a growing season and the beginning of a new one for grape growers. And in the midst of all that someone (probably you) is asking, "How are we going to make money off of these grapes?"

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Time For Vineyard Inspection: Grapevine Disease Sampling

This year we expect an early grape harvest. This will allow vineyard managers and growers to spend more time spotting symptoms associated with grapevine diseases. Vines with suspicious symptoms shall be marked and subjected to testing. This will help growers determine the cause the problem and learn how to manage disease. Sometimes, the pathogens (disease causing agents) could be introduced or spread in the vineyard from neighboring or farther vineyards.

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Preparing For Post Harvest

When it comes to post-harvest, there is much to do. Listening to the experts will go a long way to helping your vineyard improve and prosper.

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Okanagan Icewines: A Crisp & Vibrant Saga

The grapes in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley during winter sparkle with tiny ice crystals that bounce around like a mini fireworks display. Each of them captures the crispness of the deep freeze these grapes have been put under… skin hardened by the frigid temperature, juices mingling inside to create a sweetened flavor.

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New Trends in Wine Packaging & Labeling

With over 7,000 wineries in the U.S -and more entering the market every year-competition for shelf space is becoming more and more important for profitability. In fact, a wine's packaging and labeling is "the face of the winery," and is a key element in creating a connection with the consumer and the product. For this article, The Grapevine Magazine talked with some major players in professional wine packaging and labeling to learn the latest developments in the industry today.

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HALL Wines: Old World Charm Meets New-Age Innovation in Napa Valley

HALL Wines, a premiere Napa Valley vineyard and winery, is merging history and innovation at its St. Helena property with restoration of an 1880's ghost winery alongside a state-of-the-art winemaking facility and stunning tasting room. As if this distinction isn't enough, the estate sets a new standard for sustainability, and is California's first winery to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold Certification.

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The Godfather of all Hail in Bordeaux

Yet again the weather of today has unmasked another rather peculiar and alarming surprise- appearing this time in the form of super enlarged hail in Bourdeaux, France. Bourdeaux is located in the south of West of France. Its land mass lies close to the European Atlantic coast and to the north of the Aquitaine region. The Bay of Biscay is to its immediate left as it appears on the world map.

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Get to Know Your Wine Blogger: They're the New Media

We in the wine public relations trade are witnessing the evolution of how we conduct our business. As liaisons between the wine industry and the nation's media, many of us are realizing that we have to change the way we engage with writers and radio hosts; while identifying who those entities are. As the influence of the Wine Spectators and the Wine Advocates of the world begin to erode, it'll take hard work to put eyeballs on your wine because wine writing and communication is entangled in an amorphous and ever-expanding sphere. Woe be it to those that don't try to rein that world in and comprehend it. Otherwise, you'll be left in the ashes as your brand tries to gain traction with the media, as concurrently wineries are running in place in the miasma of brand proliferation.

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How to Clean a Wine Tank

Cleaning in the winery is one of the most important tasks the winemaker has the most control over in the cellar. It is often said, and very nearly true, winemaking is 95% cleaning. Data is shy when it comes to how to clean certain parts of the operation; yet, here is a step by step process of how to clean a stainless steel wine tank in the cellar. Please keep in mind every cellar visited may have some conditions that may need to have this plan altered. If developing a HACCP [Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plan] like plan - use the data below to build on the correct procedure for your specific winery's needs.

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Are We Making Money, Who Wants to Know?

We accountants have heard the joke many times - how do you know if you have a good accountant? Ask him or her how much is 2 plus 2, the first accountant answers, "obviously 4" (obvious but not real creative). The second accountant answers, "what do you want the answer to be"? Now that's the kind of accountant I like.

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